Monsters in the LRT go to Megamall parking spaces.

I rly am sorry about the Taglish post. Naeexcite lang talaga ako. Lolz.

So we went to to Megamall kanina and we parked across the street. So we took the stairwell. Then when we thought it was the right floor, we ventured of to the left side, only to find it was a deserted room. Yes, with the matching bubog and shit. Tas may luma pang motor dun tas the paint on he walls were frayed. We went off to the right side, thinking it was the right way but then we saw another family. … Who was also lost.

Millions of images flashed in my head and I quickly made a 30 second movie about the building actually being an abondoned one with a monster owned by SM trapped inside who eats animals. Damn you, Shake, Rattle and Roll.

We went further down but it was the basement. I kinda panicked,but didn’t show it to the others.

The finally …

“Hey, this way pala … “

Thank God for that Mom of four who happened to be with us. We could’ve been eaten or … been driven crazy by our imaginations.


3 thoughts on “Monsters in the LRT go to Megamall parking spaces.

  1. LOL. SM Megamall could’ve killed you. While reading your post, I really imagined monsters attacking the mall. Hahaha.

    Napadaan. 😀

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